Weekly Roster Update 06/22/18

June 22, 2018

Weekly Roster Update 06/22/18

Welcome to the R.B.I Baseball June 22nd Roster Update! On Fridays throughout the 2018 regular season we’ll put out a roster update for R.B.I 18 that best reflects the state of the game in Major League Baseball. We’ll tune individual players to represent the latest performances. Did Manny Machado mash three taters this week? We’ll be sure to give him a boost in power. Another 10K performance from Chris Sale? We’ll add a bit more movement to that slider. We’ve also added new charts so you can see how your favorite players compare to others around the league. Let’s take a look at who we’ve added for our week-eleven update:


Nolan Arenado is a perennial All-Star and Gold Glove winner and 2018 isn’t shaping up to be any different. He currently has a .311 average on the year – currently good enough to be 14th in the majors – with a .559 SLG and 14 HR. Arenado isn’t just about offense, though. He also has a 3.2 DEF (Defensive Runs Above Average) which makes him a top 5 defensive 3B in baseball. This past week was more of the same for Arenado as he slashed .348 / .393 / .783 with 2 HR and 4 doubles. We’ve boosted Arenado’s Power, Arm and Fielding ratings.

Since coming back from the DL in the beginning of June, Rhys Hoskins has been unstoppable. He’s already slugged 4 HR, recorded 13 RBI and put up an impressive .333 / .400 / .718 slash line. Even more impressive is Hoskins 13.3% Barrel rate. That’s good enough to be in the top 25 in the Bigs. If Hoskins can keep barreling balls the way he has since his return, he’ll break his career high HR record of 18 in no time. We’ve boosted Hoskins’ Contact and Power.

We found Nimmo! He’s been in the Mets OF this whole time and he’s been absolutely raking. Believe it or not, Nimmo has a the 3rd best wRC+ in baseball with a minimum of 200 PA. That means he’s outperforming other offensive studs like Freddie Freeman, Manny Machado and Jose Ramirez. His .309 ISO is 5th best in the majors, and his .425 wOBA is 4th best in the majors. We’ve boosted Nimmo’s Contact, Power, Arm and Fielding.

Chris Sale. Trevor Bauer. Max Scherzer. What do all three of those pitchers have in common? There slider isn’t as good as Jhoulys Chacin’s. The Brewers righty currently has the 2nd best slider in baseball (behind Luis Severino). Hitters are batting a meager .123 against the pitch and while Chacin has thrown it over 511 times, batters have hit a total of 5 stolen bases off of it. That’s less than 0.01%! We’ve boosted Chacin’s Stamina and Curve.

Stammen is the first relief pitcher we’ve featured in our blog post and he makes his debut for good reason: he’s been virtually unhittable. In the past week, he’s given up only 1 hit in 4 IP of relief and struck out 6 for a 13.50 K/9. Stammen’s arsenal consists of a sinker and a slider and while both are good, his sinker is in a league of it’s own. The pitch has a 9.2 pVAL with .208 batting average against and a 56.4% ground-ball rate. We’ve boosted Stammen’s Drop and Speed Difference.

Wade LeBlanc has been a force to be reckon with this year. In his most recent start, Wade LeBlanked the Red Sox going 7.2 IP, with 2 H, 0 ER, 0 BB and 9 K. That last start brought his 2018 ERA down to 2.63 which is a top 15 ERA (min. 60 IP). The 7.59 K/9 is a career high for the southpaw and he’s inducing weakly hit fly-balls at an impressive 43% rate. We’ve boosted LeBlanc’s Stamina and Curve.

See below for more adjusted players.

Mike Trout: Boosted Contact, Power and Arm
Marwin Gonzalez: Boosted Contact, Power and Fielding
Eduardo Escobar: Boosted Contact
Jose Altuve: Boosted Speed
Addison Russell: Boosted Contact and Power
Paul Goldschmidt: Boosted Contact and Power
Odubel Herrera: Boosted Power and Fielding
Aaron Hicks: Boosted Contact, Power and Fielding
Lorenzo Cain: Boosted Contact and Speed
Delino DeShields: Boosted Contact and Speed
Billy Hamilton: Boosted Contact and Speed
Trea Turner: Boosted Contact, Power and Speed
Rafael Devers: Boosted Contact and Speed
Francisco Lindor: Boosted Arm and Fielding
Jose Iglesias: Boosted Arm and Fielding
Ian Kinsler: Boosted Arm and Fielding
Marcus Semien: Boosted Arm and Fielding

Trevor Bauer: Boosted Curve and Drop
Jacob DeGrom: Boosted Curve and Drop
Mike Clevinger: Boosted Curve and Drop
Chris Sale: Boosted Curve and Drop
Luis Severino: Boosted Drop and Speed Difference
Domingo German: Boosted Curve, Drop and Speed Difference
C.C. Sabathia: Boosted Drop and Speed Difference
Andrew Suarez: Boosted Curve, Drop and Speed Difference
Tyler Skaggs: Boosted Drop and Speed Difference
Anibal Sanchez: Boosted Drop
David Price: Boosted Curve and Speed Difference
Jason Hammel: Boosted Drop and Speed Difference
Michael Fulmer: Boosted Curve, Drop and Stamina
Shane Greene: Boosted Curve
Will Smith: Boosted Curve and Drop
Joe Jimenez: Boosted Velocity, Drop and Speed Difference
Dellin Betances: Boosted Curve, Drop and Speed Difference