08-14-20 Roster Update

August 14, 2020

08-14-20 Roster Update

This past week featured some electric performers from some of the games biggest upcoming stars. Fernando Tatis Jr. mashed four homers bringing his 2020 total to eight, Byron Buxton went deep a whopping five times in seven days, while Dustin May threw what may be the most jaw-dropping heater of the year.

This week’s R.B.I. 20 roster update has you covered as we’ve given significant boosts to this past week’s top performers and changed the lineups to best reflect the ones being put on the field each day by MLB clubs.

Our exciting new “modern pitching” feature means that pitchers are getting twice the boosts! Not only will we be changing a pitcher’s Fast, Curve, Drop, Stamina, and Speed Difference ratings, we’ll also be boosting the stats for their individual pitches as well, including Pitch Quality. This is a new metric based on pitch value (or pVAL) that gives you an idea as to how good a particular pitchers pitch is overall on a scale from 1 to 100.

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Fernando Tatis Jr.

The Padres shortstop showcased why he’s one of the most exciting names in sports this past week. In the past week, Tatis Jr. hit .360 with an .840 SLG and 4 HR bringing his season total up to 8 HR; just one behind Aaron Judge. Tatis Jr. has also seen his walk rate jump up to 10.6% on the year, and has taken great strides defensively at arguably the toughest position on the field. We’ve boosted Tatis Jr.’s Contact, Power, Arm, Speed and Fielding ratings.

Dylan Bundy

Dylan Bundy has begun his tenure with the Angels as arguably the best pitcher in baseball. Bundy’s 1.57 ERA is 8th best in MLB, his 2.16 FIP is 6th, his 30.2 K-BB% is 4th and his minuscule 0.63 WHIP is 3rd. The righty has dropped his four-seamer usage while increasing his slider usage and has begun throwing a lot more first pitch curveballs leading to a lot more 0-1 counts. We’ve boosted Bundy’s Curveball Quality and Movement, and Slider Quality and Movement.

Charlie Blackmon

At the beginning of the 2020 offseason, many were speculating if a player would hit .400 in the shortened season. Charlie Blackmon has recently left us asking if we were aiming too low! This past week alone, Blackmon slashed .472 / .506 / .681 with three HR. The Rockies outfielder’s average on the year is an incredible .472 while his 11.4 K% is the lowest of his career. We’ve boosted Blackmon’s Contact and Power ratings.

Blake Snell

The 2020 season has seen manager Kevin Cash be patient with Blake Snell. Before his most recent start, the Rays ace was yet to throw over 50 pitches but, sadly for his opponents, that all changed this week. Snell went 5 IP with 6 Ks and 0 BBs thanks to a dominant mix of down and in heaters, curveballs in the dirt and change-ups low and away to right handed hitters. We’ve boosted Snell’s Command and Fastball Movement ratings.

Matt Chapman

Two of the biggest constants in life are taxes and Matt Chapman being an absolutely stellar third basemen. While the 2020 season hasn’t seen anything change in that regard, it has served to reinforce just how dominant of an offensive force he can be, too. Chapman slashed .379 / .419 / 1.000 this past week with 4 HR, 7 R and 11 RBI. We’ve boosted Chapman’s Contact, Power, Arm, and Fielding ratings.

Hyun-jin Ryu

It doesn’t matter what stadium Ryu is pitching in, he’s flat out dominant. The Blue Jays ace twirled a game this past week going 6 IP with 1 ER, 2 BB and 7 K against a scorching hot Marlins team. Ryu was able to dot the top of the zone with a mix of four-seam fastballs and cutters before dropping his notorious change-up low in the zone for strikes. We’ve boosted Ryu’s Drop, Stamina and Change-up Movement ratings.

Boosted Hitters

Fernando Tatis JrContactPowerArmFieldingSpeed
Matt ChapmanContactPowerArmFielding
Charlie BlackmonContactPower
Jesse WinkerContactPowerSpeed
Franmil ReyesContact
Robbie GrossmanContactPowerSpeed
Salvador PerezContactPower
Erik GonzalezContactFielding
Jason HeywardContact
Howie KendrickContact
Marcus SemienFieldingArm
Avisail GarciaFieldingArmPowerSpeed
Anthony RendonFieldingArmPower
Luis RobertFieldingArm
Austin SlaterPowerArmContactFieldingSpeed
Bo BichetteSpeedPowerContact
Nick AhmedSpeedContactArmFielding
Juan SotoContactPower
Eddie RosarioPower
Christian YelichPowerContact

Boosted Pitchers

Dylan BundyCB QltyCB MvntSL QltySL Mvnt
Blake SnellCommandFB Mvnt
Hyun-jin RyuDropStaminaCH Mvnt
Zach DaviesFT MvntFC MvntCH Mvnt
Zack GreinkeSL QltySL MvntDropCH Mvnt
Freddy PeraltaFB MvntFB QltyDropCurve
Brad KellerFB QltySL QltySL MvntDrop
Frankie MontasFB QltyFB MvntSL MvntSL QltyDrop
Aaron NolaCB QltyCH QltyCurveDropStamina
Aaron CivaleFB MvntFC QltyCB MvntFC MvntDrop
Dinelson LametDropFB QltyFB Mvnt
Trevor BauerFB MvntFB QltyFC QltyDrop
Masahiro TanakaSL QltyFS QltyFS Mvnt
Tommy MiloneFB QltyFB MvntCurveDropCH Mvnt
Daniel BardFB QltyFB MvntSL MvntSL Qlty
Rafael MonteroFB QltyFB MvntCH QltyCH Mvnt
Travis LakinsFC QltyFC MvntCurve
Jonathan HernandezFB MvntSL MvntDrop
Josh StaumontFB MvntFB Max
Ryan BoruckiSL MvntSL Qlty

New Players

TeamPlayer Name
ARIDaulton Varsho
ARIAndy Young
ATLHuascar Ynoa
BALThomas Eshelman
CINTejay Antone
CLEJames Karinchak
COLRyan Castellani
CWSNick Madrigal
CWSMatt Foster
DETWilli Castro
KCJeison Guzman
KCScott Blewett
KCKris Bubic
MIAEddy Alvarez
MIALogan Forsythe
MIAMonte Harrison
MIADaniel Castano
MILMark Mathias
MINJorge Alcala
MINCaleb Thielbar
NYMAli Sanchez
NYMDavid Peterson
OAKJames Kaprielian
PHIConnor Brogdon
PHISpencer Howard
PITNick Mears
PITCody Ponce
SEAJoseph Odom
SEAJoey Gerber
SFCaleb Baragar
STLMax Schrock
STLRoel Ramirez
STLJake Woodford
TBRyan Thompson
TEXTaylor Hearn
TEXJoely Rodriguez
TORThomas Hatch
TORNate Pearson