09-04-20 Roster Update

September 08, 2020

09-04-20 Roster Update

The Trade Deadline has come and gone and what a wild one it was! The Padres stocked up on hitters and pitchers galore with Mike Clevinger and Mitch Moreland and more, the Blue Jays re-tooled their rotation with Ross Stripling, Robbie Ray, and Taijuan Walker, while the Marlins continued their playoff push by adding some power in the bat of Starling Marte.

This week’s R.B.I. 20 roster update has you covered as we’ve given significant boosts to this past week’s top performers and changed the lineups to best reflect the ones being put on the field each day by MLB clubs.

Our exciting new “modern pitching” feature means that pitchers are getting twice the boosts! Not only will we be changing a pitcher’s Fast, Curve, Drop, Stamina, and Speed Difference ratings, we’ll also be boosting the stats for their individual pitches as well, including Pitch Quality. This is a new metric based on pitch value (or pVAL) that gives you an idea as to how good a particular pitchers pitch is overall on a scale from 1 to 100.

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Mike Clevinger

In what was arguably the biggest trade of the deadline, the Padres got a pitcher who may be their ace for years to come. In Mike Clevinger, SLAM Diego gets a right hander with an explosive fastball paired, a fantastic slider and curveball as well as a changeup and brand new cutter. While Clevinger hasn’t racked up the K’s like he’s used to, he’s still sitting with a fantastic 3.18 ERA. We’ve boosted Clevinger’s Curve and Curveball Movement ratings.

Starling Marte

The former Diamondback made his debut for the Marlins this week and immediately made an impact. Marte came up to bat in the bottom of the 8th inning, the score tied at 2-2, before rocking what would be the go-ahead HR deep to CF. The All-Star centerfielder is having one of his best years when it comes to patience at the plate as his 14.4% K-rate is a career low. We’ve boosted Marte’s Contact, Power and Fielding ratings.

Mike Minor

Don’t be fooled by Mike Minor’s 5.60 ERA, the southpaw still has a fantastic fastball paired with one of the better changeups in the game. Minor’s off-speed pitch currently has a .190 batting average against with an impressive 39.4% whiff rate. The pitch is also putting up a 16.4% Swinging Strike rate which is even better than what the changeup did for Minor in ’19. We’ve boosted Minor’s Changeup Movement and Slider Movement ratings.

Jonathan Villar

One of the Blue Jays newest acquisitions, Villar can do it all. This year, he’s played CF, SS as well as 2B. He’s hit a few home runs and stolen nine bases, which is tied with Trevor Story for the league lead. Villar is also fairing really well when it comes to hitting offspeed pitches too as he’s hitting .280 off of changeups and splitters. We’ve boosted Villar’s Speed, Fielding and Contact ratings.

Ross Stripling

The Dodgers are always so packed to the brim with fantastic pitching talent that we don’t always get to focus on those who don’t start as frequently. Case in point: Ross Stripling; who is now going to get his chance to shine as an everyday starter for the Blue Jays. Usually known for his curveball, Stripling has made a lot of strides with his changeup this year as it’s posting an above league average 15.7% Swinging Strike rate. We’ve boosted Stripling’s Stamina, Fastball Movement and Curveball Movement ratings.

Mitch Moreland

Fernando Tatis Jr. Manny Machado. Mitch Moreland. The San Diego Padres welcomed another power bat to their lineup this past week giving them six hitters with at least eight home runs. Moreland also joins Tatis Jr in the top 3 when it comes to Barrel% as the first baseman has a whopping 12.5 Brls/PA%. We’ve boosted Moreland’s Contact and Power ratings.

Boosted Hitters

Starling MarteContactPowerFielding
Jonathan VillarContactArmSpeed
Mitch MorelandContactPower
Trea TurnerContactPower
Franmil ReyesContactPower
Eric HosmerContact
Jose IglesiasContact
Jose MarmolejosContactPower
Alex DickersonContactPower
Ian HappPowerContact
Jesse WinkerContactPower
Marcell OzunaPowerContact
Adam DuvallPower
Jason HeywardPowerContact
J.T. RealmutoSpeedFieldingArmContact
Francisco LindorSpeedContactArmFielding
Jacob StallingsFieldingArm
Nolan ArenadoContactArmFielding
Trent GrishamArmFielding
Alex VerdugoContactArmFielding

Boosted Pitchers

Mike ClevingerCurveCurve Mvnt
Mike MinorCH MvntSL Mvnt
Ross StriplingStaminaFB MvntCB Mvnt
Hyun Jin RyuFC MvntFC QltySI MvntSI QltyCH Mvnt
Sixto SanchezSI MvntSI QltyCH MvntCH QltyDrop
Andrew HeaneyCurveDropSI MvntSI QltyCH MvntCH Qlty
Zach WheelerFB QltyFB Mvnt
Zac GallenCH MvntCH QltyFC MvntFC QltyCB MvntDrop
Tyler GlasnowFB QltyCB MvntCB Qlty
Kwang-hyun KimFB QltyFB MvntCH QltySL QltyDrop
Adam WainwrightStaminaFC MvntFC QltyCB QltyCB MvntCurve
Marco GonzalesFB MvntFB QltyFC MvntFC QltyDrop
Ian AndersonCH MvntCH QltyFB MvntFB QltyDrop
Antonio SenzatelaDropCH QltyCH MvntSL QltySL Mvnt
Michael PinedaFB MvntFB QltyCH Qlty
Devin WilliamsCH QltyCH MvntDrop
Anthony BassFS QltyFS MvntSI MvntSI Qlty
Greg HollandFB MvntFB QltyCB QltyCB Mvnt
Tanner ScottFB MvntFB Qlty
Luis PerdomoFS MvntFS QltySL MvntSL Qlty

New Additions

ARILewicki, Artie
ARIPayamps, Joel
BALAkin, Keegan
BALHerrera, Dilson
BOSLeyer, Robinson
BOSHart, Kyle
CWSBurdi, Zack
HOUGarcia, Luis
HOURaley, Brooks
MIAChisholm, Jazz
MINJeffers, Ryan
NYMKilome, Franklyn
NYYAbreu, Albert
NYYMantiply, Joe
PITHayes, Ke’Bryan
SEAFrankoff, Seth
TBSherriff, Ryan
TEXWhite, Eli