09-11-20 Roster Update

September 11, 2020

09-11-20 Roster Update

While the 2020 season has been made all the better by the incredible performances of superstars like Shane Bieber and Fernando Tatis Jr., there’s also a class of rookies making a huge impact. For this week’s roster update we wanted to focus on some of those rookies as well as other recent additions to R.B.I. Baseball 20.

As is the case each week, we’ve also given significant boosts to this past week’s top performers and changed the lineups to best reflect the ones being put on the field each day by MLB clubs.

Our exciting new “modern pitching” feature means that pitchers are getting twice the boosts! Not only will we be changing a pitcher’s Fast, Curve, Drop, Stamina, and Speed Difference ratings, we’ll also be boosting the stats for their individual pitches as well, including Pitch Quality. This is a new metric based on pitch value (or pVAL) that gives you an idea as to how good a particular pitchers pitch is overall on a scale from 1 to 100.

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Triston McKenzie

The Cleveland Indians have arguably the best pitching rotation in all of baseball and that’s thanks in part to Triston McKenzie. The electric 23-year old is equipped with a 94 mph FB (that can often touch 97), a wipe out slider, curveball and changeup. It’s only been four starts and McKenzie is already in the 90th percentile in K% and xERA as well as the 85th percentile or higher in xwOBA and xBA. We’ve boosted McKenzie’s FB Quality and Movement ratings.

Jake Cronenworth

Fernando Tatis Jr. Manny Machado. Jake Cronenworth. The SLAM Diego Padres are more than just two all-stars, they’re also getting help from what may be the NL Rookie of the Year in Cronenworth. Through 39 games, the utility infielder (but frequent 2B) is slashing .323/.379/.551 with a fantastic 16.4% K rate – 5th lowest among qualified rookies – and 20 RBI – 3rd highest among qualified rookies. We’ve boosted Cronenworth’s Contact, Arm, Fielding and Speed ratings.

Ian Anderson

It’s no secret that the Atlanta Braves rotation has been severely impacted by injuries this season. Therefore, it’s on some of the Braves young arms to carry the team to the playoffs, which is exactly what Ian Anderson intends on doing. The 22-year old righty has three pitches: a four-seam, changeup and curveball. All three have a batting average against below .200. We’ve boosted Anderson’s Changeup Movement, Quality and Drop ratings.

Bobby Dalbec

Red Sox nation has been eagerly awaiting the debut of what MLB.com considers to be their 3rd best prospect and, so far, he is yet to disappoint. In just 35 PA, Dalbec has already hit 5 HR with a whopping .719 SLG and a .417 wOBA. The rookie is feasting on fastballs at the moment, hitting .333 against all heaters. We’ve boosted Dalbec’s Power and Arm ratings.

Keegin Akin

The Orioles southpaw has been magnificent as a starter in the 2020 season. After making his starting debut against the Toronto Blue Jays, where he went 4.1 IP with 0 ER, 2 BB and 6 K, he dominated the Yankees over 5.1 with 0 ER and 8 K’s. While Akin’s arsenal is only three pitches deep – four-seam, slider and changeup – he certainly knows how to maximize each pitch, especially when it comes to his heater. His four-seam is in the top 90th percentile in both spin rate and active spin. We’ve boosted Akin’s FB Quality and Command ratings.

Ke’Bryan Hayes

Talk about making a sudden impact! Ke’Bryan Hayes has been up for a little over a week and is already looking like one of the Pirates best offensive players. In just 27 PA, Hayes is slashing .333 / .407 / .667 with a tremendous .432 wOBA. He’s already recorded his first career MLB HR and tripled twice. We’ve boosted Hayes’s Contact, Arm and Fielding ratings.

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Boosted Hitters

Ian AndersonDropCH MvntCH Qlty
Keegin AkinFB QltyCommand
Triston McKenzieFB QltyFB Mvnt
Trevor BauerFB QltyFB MvntFC QltySL QltyCB Qlty
Dylan BundySL MvntCH MvntSL QltyCH Qlty
Corbin BurnesFB QltyFB MvntFC MvntFC QltySL QltySL Mvnt
Carlos CarrascoFB QltyFB MvntSL MvntSL QltyDrop
Brady SingerFB MvntFB QltySL MvntSL QltyDrop
Dinelson LametSL MvntSL QltyDrop
Max ScherzerFB QltyFB MvntFC QltyFC Mvnt
Sean ManaeaFB QltyFB MvntCH QltyCH Mvnt
Tyler MahleFC QltyFC MvntFS MvntFS QltyStamina
Marco GonzalesFC QltyFC MvntCH QltyCH MvntDrop
Michael PinedaFB MvntFB QltyCH QltySL QltySL Mvnt
Kyle HendricksFB QltyFB MvntCH QltyCH MvntCurveStamina
Matt AndrieseCurveCH QltyCH MvntCB Mvnt
Nick VincentFC MvntFC QltySI MvntSI Qlty
Amir GarrettFB QltyFB MvntSL QltySL Mvnt
Ryan ThompsonFB MvntFB QltySL QltySL Mvnt
Drew PomeranzCurveFB QlyFB Mvnt

Boosted Pitchers

Jake CronenworthContactArmFieldingSpeed
Bobby DalbecPowerArm
Ke’Bryan HayesContactArmFielding
Ronald Acuna JrContactPowerSpeed
D.J. StewartContactPowerArmFielding
Freddie FreemanContactPower
Jeimer CandelarioPowerContact
Jeff McNeilContactPower
Adalberto MondesiContactSpeedArm
Trea TurnerSpeedContactArmFielding
Dylan MooreSpeedArmFielding
Ryan MountcastleContact
Pete AlonsoContactPower
Adam DuvallPower
Travis D’arnaudPowerArmFielding
Miguel RojasContactFieldingArm
Austin NolaArmFieldingPower
Donovan SolanoContact
Michael ConfortoContactPower
Dominic SmithContact

New Additions

BOSDalbec, Bobby
CWSFlores Jr., Bernardo
CINStephenson, Tyler
CLEMcKenzie, Triston
DETAlcantara, Sergio
DETCameron, Daz
DETHill, Derek
KCOlivares, Edward
SDCronenworth, Jake
NYYSchmidt, Clarke
PHICleavinger, Garrett