Weekly Roster Update 08/23/19

August 23, 2019

Weekly Roster Update 08/23/19

It’s Friday, you know what that means, we’ve updated all 30 teams’ rosters! We’ve given significant boosts to this past week’s top performers and changed the lineups to best reflect the ones being put on the field each day by MLB clubs.

This weekend is Players’ Weekend! We’ll be giving a special shoutout to
the past week’s top performers that have top nicknames!

Pete “Polar Bear” Alonso

The fans have spoken! Pete Alonso was this week’s winner of the #ChooseToBoost poll. Keep an eye out for our next poll so that you can vote for which top performer of the weekend gets a boost! Follow us on Twitter @RBIGAME to make sure you never miss a poll!

Polar Bear made history this week! He became the first player in RBI history to win the #ChooseToBoost poll twice! Don’t let that overshadow the fact that he also broke the NL Rookie HR Record, smashing his 40th tater at the Royals on August 18th. The Rookie HR Record is 52 set by Aaron “BAJ” Judge in 2017. The Mets’ Franchise HR record is 41, set by Todd Hundley and Carlos “Señor Octubre” Beltran.

We’ve boosted Polar Bear’s Power.

Andrew “Heandog” Heaney

Heandog has been a hot dog this past week. Heandog’s last two starts he’s thrown a combined 15 innings, tallying 20 K, 0 BB, 4 H, 4 ER, and two big Ws. Heandog has a WHIP of 1.166, best of all Angels starters.

We’ve boosted Heandog’s Curve & Drop.

Charlie “Chuck Nazty” Blackmon

Chuck Nazty and his bat have been surging recently to help give the Rockies some life in the Wild NL West. In his last 6 games, Chuck Nazty has slashed .435/.500/1.413 with 10 H, 2 doubles, 3 trips to souinver city, and 7 RBIs.

A man who can do it all, Chuck Nazty leads the Rock Bois in Hits, Doubles, Triples, Runs, BA, OBP, SLG, OPS, and sick beards.

We’ve boosted Chuck Nazty’s Contact & Power.

Matthew “Matty B” Boyd

In his last 9 starts, Matty B has 7 games of 8+ Ks. On August 18th against the Rays, Matty B threw for 7 innings and finished with 9 K, 2 BB, 2 H, 1 ER.

Matty B is top 10 in Ks & K/9 for the season.

We’ve boosted Matty B’s Curve.

Adam “Spanky” Eaton

Spanky has been dishing it to everyone this past week. In his last 8 games he’s slashing .394/.512/.939 with 13 H, 12 R, 4 doubles, 1 triple, 4 taters, and 11 RBIs.

Spanky is 7th in all of baseball in triples, 7th in singles, and 8th in sacrifice hits with…7.

We’ve boosted Spanky’s Contact & Power.

Adrian “Doogy” Houser

Doogy has been surgical recently. In his last 3 starts (18.1 IP) he’s tallied 20 K, 5 BB, 11 H, 3 ER, and 2 big Ws against Texas and division rival St. Louis.

Doogy is 2nd on the Brew Crew in ERA (3.62), only trailing closer Josh “Haderade” Hader.

We’ve boosted Doogy’s Velocity, Curve, Drop, Stamina, & Speed Differential.

New Additions

ARIKevin Ginkel
BALHunter Harvey
BALChandler Shepherd
BALDillon Tate
CINBrian O’Grady
TEXJoe Palumbo
TEXJose “TREVI” Trevino

Player Boosts


NameBoosted Attributes
Lucas “BIG FOOT” GiolitoDrop & Stamina
Yusei “U SAY” KikuchiDrop & Stamina
José “LELO” QuintanaDrop & Stamina
Ryan “YARBS” YarbroughCurve, Drop, & Stamina
Sonny “GRAY” GrayDrop & Stamina
Ivan “SUPER NOVA” NovaDrop
Joe “MOOSE” MusgroveCurve & Drop
Dylan “DILLY” BundyDrop
Trevor “J OCHART” BauerCurve
Michael “WACHAMOLE” WachaVelocity, Drop, & Stamina
Aaron CivaleVlcty., Curve, Drop, Stamina, Speed Diff.
Colin “PO” PocheVelocity & Speed Differential
Michael “ZEN” LorenzenVelocity, Curve, & Speed Differential
Hunter HarveyVelocity, Curve, & Speed Differential
Liam “SLYDAH” HendriksVelocity & Curve
Hector “COMPA N” NerisDrop & Stamina
David McKayCurve & Drop


NameBoosted Attribute
Luis “LA REGADERA” ArraezContact
Anthony “TONY” RizzoContact & Power
Max “FUNKY MUNCY” MuncyContact, Power, Speed, & Stealing
José “ENRIQUITO” Ramírez Contact & Power
Austin NolaContact, Power, Arm, & Fielding
Mike “KIIIIID” TroutPower & Arm
Marcus “SIMMY” SemienContact, Power, Speed, & Stealing
Mike “YAZ” YastrzemskiContact, Power, & Arm
Jonathan “GABY” VillarContact, Power, Arm, & Stealing
Nicholas “ARTIST” CastellanosContact & Power
Michael “CHAMP” BrantleyContact & Power
Tommy “PHAMTASTIC” PhamSpeed & Stealing
Delino “LIL BOP” DeShieldsSpeed & Stealing
David “FLETCH” FletcherFielding
Will “SMITTY” SmithContact, Power, Arm, & Fielding
Javier “EL MAGO” Báez Arm & Fielding
Kyle “SEAGER” SeagerArm & Fielding