Weekly Roster Update 09/27/19

September 27, 2019

Weekly Roster Update 09/27/19

For our 28th and final roster update, we decided to knock it out of the park! We’ve not only boosted this past week’s best performers – Hello, Joc Pederson! – but all of 2019’s best performers, too. We’ve made sure players like Pete Alonso have record breaking power and Paul DeJong has a glove like a vacuum cleaner. We’ve also changed the lineups to represent the most frequent lineup a team had over the course of the year. So while guys like Christian Yelich may have been lost for the 2019 season, they’ve returned in this latest roster update to help you win your championship! Want to play with a different lineup? Set your starting nine as you see fit by going to the Reserves screen and making your ideal squad. Now let’s take a look at some of 2019’s best performers:

Jacob deGrom

The most K’s in the NL (255). The best FIP in the NL (2.68). The 2nd highest K% in the NL (31.7%). There’s a good chance that Jacob deGrom could be well on his way to another Cy Young for the 2019 season. deGrom’s change up induced a near unprecedented amount of whiffs over the course of the year and the rest of his arsenal wasn’t too bad either. There wasn’t a single pitch that deGrom threw that had a batting average allowed over .220. Whether it be his 97 mph heater or 92 mph slider, you never know what to expect from deGrom but you can be sure it will most likely result in a swing and a miss. We’ve boosted deGrom’s Drop rating.

Gerrit Cole

Were the 2019 season to end today, Gerrit Cole’s 13.72 K/9 would be the highest of all time. Gerrit Cole has also posted 216 strikeouts since the last time he recorded a loss. Gerrit Cole also has recorded – so far – 314 K’s this season; the highest ever for a Houston Astro. Gerrit Cole also ate 37 hot dogs in under a minute. Ok, that last one may not be true but, to be honest, it wouldn’t even be the most impressive feat he performed in ’19! The list of Cole’s achievements in the 2019 season is virtually endless and to reflect his dominance, we’ve boosed his Drop and Stamina ratings (the Curve rating was already at 99!).

Jack Flaherty

Since the All-Star Break, there has arguably been no better pitcher in MLB than Jack Flaherty. Since the Midsummer Classic, Flaherty has posted a miniscule 0.97 ERA, with 118 K’s, an 11.50 K/9 and a 0.49 HR/9. He’s also allowed a .097 batting average against on his slider which is the lowest mark for an SP in the 2nd half. It isn’t just Flaherty’s slider that’s been dominating, however. His heater – which sits around 95 mph – has racked up an extremely impressive 20.6 pVAL over the course of the year (more on pVAL here). We’ve boosted Flaherty’s Drop and Stamina ratings.

Alex Bregman

40 home runs. 119 runs. 110 RBI. A near .300 batting average. Sometimes, it’s good to be the cover athlete. Alex Bregman is a game or so away from wrapping up a 2019 season that should garnish him with more than a few MVP votes. Bregman maintained the better than league average 12.1% K-rate that he established in 2018 while managing to increase his walk rate from 13.6% to 16.7%. Other improved stats from 2018 include Bregman’s AVG, OBP, SLG, wRC+, wOBA and many, many more. We’ve boosted Bregman’s Power, Arm and Fielding rating.

Cody Bellinger

The 2019 NL home run race has featured some really incredible names over the course of the season. Few names have been more consistently present throughout the season though than Cody Bellinger’s. The Dodgers left fielder / first baseman isn’t all power however (though the 46 HR are certainly impressive). He’s also got a cannon for an arm and the ability to field his position incredibly well. Oh yea, and he hits above .300. We’ve boosted Bellinger’s Contact, Arm and Fielding rating.

Anthony Rendon

Anthony Rendon is difficult to pigeon hole. He isn’t just a power guy, though he did hit 34 home runs. He isn’t just a defensive-minded third basemen, though he ended the year with a 5.3 Defensive Runs Above Average (more here). He isn’t just a contact guy, though his .322 is currently fifth best in the league. So how do we handle a guy who seems capable of doing it all? We boost him a lot! We’ve boosted Rendon’s Power, Arm and Fielding rating.

New Additions

Jose CisneroDetroit Tigers
Ryan McBroomKansas City Royals
James MarvelPittsburgh Pirates

Player Boosts


NameBoosted Attributes
Mike ClevingerDrop & Stamina
Rick PorcelloDrop & Stamina
Kyle HendricksSpeed Diff
Mike FoltynewiczDrop & Stamina
Zack GreinkeDrop
Randy DobnakCurve & Drop
Charlie MortonCurve
Lance LynnDrop
James PaxtonDrop
Mike FiersDrop & Stamina
Merrill KellyDrop & Stamina
Jake OdorizziCurve, Drop & Stamina
John MeansDrop
Tyler DuffeyVelocity & Curve
Ken GilesDrop & Speed Diff
Chad GreenCurve & Drop
Chaz RoeVelocity, Curve, Drop & Speed Diff


NameBoosted Attributes
Nicky LopezContact, Arm & Fielding
Ozzie AlbiesContact
Garrett HampsonContact, Power, Speed & Stealing
Trea TurnerContact & Power
Joc PedersonContact & Power
Christian VazquezContact, Power, Arm & Fielding
Yasiel PuigContact, Speed & Stealing
Michael ConfortoContact & Power
Jon BertiContact, Speed & Stealing
Scott KingeryContact, Speed, Arm, Fielding & Stealing
Jorge AlfaroPower
Austin HaysPower, Speed, Arm, Fielding & Stealing
Harrison BaderPower, Arm & Fielding
Miguel RojasSpeed, Arm, Fielding & Stealing
Eddie RosarioContact & Power
Tucker BarnhartContact, Arm & Fielding
Corey SeagerContact & Fielding