Bonus Postseason Roster Update

October 30, 2020

Bonus Postseason Roster Update

Surprise! You didn’t think we’d let Randy Arozarena break postseason records and NOT provide you with a roster update, did you?

The 2020 season has now come to an end and the Los Angeles Dodgers are your 2020 World Series Champions. The World Series itself was filled with dozens of players showing up and showing out. From Brett Phillips impossible late game heroics, to Clayton Kershaw dominating in two starts and more. The great performances weren’t limited to the Fall Classic however as the postseason was brimming with incredible stat lines.

For our final R.B.I 20 roster update, we’ve selected six stand out players from the postseason and boosted them accordingly.

Corey Seager

The 2020 World Series MVP was Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager. The lefty slashed an incredible .400/.556/.700 with 2 HR, 1 SB and just 4 strikeouts. Seager’s dominance wasn’t limited to just the World Series however as he became the first player to win both the World Series and NLCS MVP since Madison Bumgarner in 2014. Seager wrapped up the postseason hitting .328 with 8 HR – 2nd overall – and 20 RBI. We’ve boosted Seager’s Contact, Power and Speed ratings.

Clayton Kershaw

The only important narrative in baseball now is this one: Clayton Kershaw is a fantastic pitcher. The southpaw wrapped up the 2020 postseason with a 2.93 ERA, a 2.96 FIP and a whopping 32.5% K rate thanks in large part to arguably his third best pitch: his curveball. Kershaw’s Uncle Charlie sported a 10.8% swinging strike rate during the 2020 season but a 16.2% SwSt during the postseason. The World Series itself saw the future Hall of Famer put up a 2.31 ERA over 11.2 IP with 14 Ks. We’ve boosted Kershaw’s Drop, CB Quality and Movement and FB Quality and Movement ratings.

Randy Arozarena

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most impressive Randy Arozarena accomplishments from the 2020 postseason. The Rays outfielder: led the league in postseason HR with 9; set the record for most postseason HR of all time, passing Nelson Cruz, Carlos Beltran and Barry Bonds; tied the rookie record for most postseason HR; set the record for most total bases in a single postseason; set the record for most hits in a single postseason and the list goes on and on. We’ve boosted Arozarena’s Contact and Power ratings.

Ian Anderson

Postseason moments are often made by certain players rising to the occasion. There are few better examples of this in the 2020 postseason than Ian Anderson’s performances. Through 18.2 IP of work, Anderson gave up just 2 ER, both of which game in Game 7 of the NLCS. The righty also struck out 24 batters thanks to a fantastic change-up that recorded a fantastic 25.5% swinging strike rate. We’ve boosted Anderson’s Drop, CH Quality and Movement ratings.

Giancarlo Stanton

It’s no secret that Giancarlo Stanton can hit the ball very hard and very far and the 2020 postseason was no exception. There were three instances in the 2020 postseason in which a ball was hit with an exit velocity over 115 mph. Two of those instances were thanks to Giancarlo Stanton, an 118.3 mph HR off of Tyler Glasnow and a 116.1 mph HR against Cam Hill (the other, for those curious, was George Springer at 115.8 mph). We’ve boosted Stanton’s Contact and Power ratings.

Framber Valdez

Framber Valdez featured one of the better curveballs of the 2020 regular season but, when it came to the 2020 postseason, the pitch reached another level. The pitch recorded 15 whiffs in a pivotal Game 6 of the ALCS that guaranteed the Astros a Game 7. That was the most whiffs Valdez has recorded on a CB in his entire career! We’ve boosted Valdez’s Curve, CB Movement and Quality ratings.