9-25-20 Roster Update

October 01, 2020

9-25-20 Roster Update

As we head into the final week of the 2020 MLB season, the playoff race is still very much up in the air. Can Mike Trout and the Angels string together a few wins to catch up to the Toronto Blue Jays for the remaining AL Wild Card spot? Will the San Francisco Giants shock everyone and make the playoffs for the first time since 2016 or can Trevor Bauer and the Cincinnati Reds hold on for their first playoff berth since 2013? We can’t say for certain but we sure can’t wait to find out!

As is the case each week, we’ve also given significant boosts to this past week’s top performers and changed the lineups to best reflect the ones being put on the field each day by MLB clubs.

Our exciting new “modern pitching” feature means that pitchers are getting twice the boosts! Not only will we be changing a pitcher’s Fast, Curve, Drop, Stamina, and Speed Difference ratings, we’ll also be boosting the stats for their individual pitches as well, including Pitch Quality. This is a new metric based on pitch value (or pVAL) that gives you an idea as to how good a particular pitchers pitch is overall on a scale from 1 to 100.

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Carlos Carrasco

The winner of this weeks Choose To Boost poll, Carlos Carrasco twirled an absolute gem last weekend striking out 11 and earning the win against the Tigers. In the month of September, “Cookie” has a spotless 1.73 ERA with a 10.04 K/9 and just 1 HR allowed. Carrasco has been getting it done with a mix of four-seamers, changeups, sliders and curveballs, the last of which has a batting average against of .158. We’ve boosted Carrasco’s Fastball Quality and Movement, Curveball Movement and Slider Movement ratings.

José Ramírez

José Ramírez is quietly having an MVP caliber season. The Indians 3B currently leads the league in WAR (3.2), and is top 15 in both wRC+ (158) and wOBA (.408). This month, Ramírez is slashing .362/.443/.855 with 10 HR and a walk rate higher than his strikeout rate! He’s one of seven players with a 10% walk rate or lower in that time frame. We’ve boosted Ramírez’s Contact, Power, Arm and Fielding ratings.

Trevor Bauer

The NL Cy Young race is truly anyone’s guess but Trevor Bauer has spent the past couple of starts making it known that he deserves the prestigious award. Going on just four days rest, Bauer went 8 IP with 1 ER, 4 H, 1 BB and 12 K against the Milwaukee Brewers in what was a must-win contest for the Reds. Bauer is now 1st in the NL in ERA (1.77), 4th in WAR (2.5) and K/9 (12.33), 5th in BB/9 (2.10) and 6th in FIP (2.87). We’ve boosted Bauer’s FB Quality and Command ratings.

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper has always been a duel threat but this year he’s taking it to another level. The Phillies OF currently has 13 HR and 8 SB which, over an 162 game season, puts him on a 38 HR/24 SB path. That would be a career best! Harper’s .411 OBP, .533 SLG and 146 wRC+ are on pace to be the third best of his career. We’ve boosted Harper’s Contact and Power ratings.

Corbin Burnes

At this time last year, Corbin Burnes had an 8.81 ERA with a 38.1% HR/FB rate. As of this being written, Burnes has the 2nd best ERA in the NL (1.77) and the lowest FIP (1.99). Burnes has re-introduced his cutter into the fold this year, drastically increasing it’s usage from virtually not at all to 30%. The pitch has a fantastic .154 batting average against and is yet to give up a HR this year. Speaking of minimizing HR, Burnes has only given up 1 this entire season. We’ve boosted Burnes’s Two-Seamer Movement and Quality, Command and Cutter Quality and Movement ratings.

Salvador Perez

Since returning from the IL with an eye injury Salvador Perez has been absolutely raking. The Royals catcher is slashing .447/.458/.957 with 6 HR and 17 RBI in that two week span. He is currently in the 97th percentile or higher in xwOBA, xBA and xSLG. That’s not bad for a guy who missed the entirety of the 2019 season! We’ve boosted Salvador Perez’s Contact, Power, Arm and Fielding ratings.

Boosted Hitters

Jose RamirezContactPowerArmFielding
Bryce HarperContactPower
Savlador PerezContactPowerArmFielding
Cody BellingerContactPower
Corey SeagerContactPower
Ke’Bryan HayesPowerContactFieldingArm
Kyle TuckerSpeedContact
Marcell OcunaPowerContact
Jose AbreuPowerContact
Alec BohmContact
Starling MarteSpeed
Trea TurnerSpeedContact
Trent GrishamSpeedArmFielding
Kevin PillarContactPowerSpeed
Robert PerezFieldingArm
Giovanny UrshelaContactArmFielding
Luis RobertFieldingArm
Ozzie AlbiesPowerContactArmFielding
Joey WendleContactPowerFielding
Brandon BeltContact

Boosted Pitchers

Carlos CarrascoFB QltyFB MvntCB MvntSL Mvnt
Trevor BauerFB QltyCommand
Corbin BurnesFT MvntFT QltyCommandFC MvntFC Qlty
Framber ValdezFT MvntFT QltyCH MvntCH QltyCB Mvnt
Nathan EovaldiSL MvntSL QltyCB MvntCB Qlty
Zach EflinFT MvntFT QltyCH MvntCH Qlty
Shane BieberFC MvntFC QltyCommandDropCurve
Griffin CanningCH QltyCH MvntSL MvntSL Qlty
Zach PlesacSL MvntSL QltyCommandDrop
J.A. HappFT MvntFT QltyFB MvntFB Qlty
Zack GreinkeCH QltyEP QltyEP Mvnt
Julio UriasSL QltySL MvntCH QltyCH Mvnt
Jesus LuzardoFB MvntFB QltyCH QltyCH Mvnt
Clayton KershawSL QltySL MvntCB MvntCB Qlty
Kyle HendricksCH MvntCH QltyCB MvntCB Qlty
Devin WilliamsCH MvntCH QltyCommandDrop
Mike MayersFB QltyFB Mvnt
Ryan WeberSI MvntSI QltyDrop
Nick WittgrenFB QltyFB Mvnt
Richard RodriguezSL MvntSL Qlty

New Additions

CWSCrochet, Garrett
LADWhite, Mitch
NYYSawyer, Wynston
PHIMoniak, Mickey
PHIRosso, Ramon
STLWhitley, Kodi
TORMurphy, Patrick
TORZeuch, T.J.